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Mrs. Hoover is that go-to person whenever we have a technology problem.  She has helped not only the faculty but also the students with all types of computer problems.  In addition, she has held professional development training sessions to teach us how to use OneNote, our Mimio interactive whiteboards, and Sway.

~R. Lauria, 5th Grade Teacher

Mrs. Hoover teaches our students how to really use the computer, using current and interesting apps.  I’ve seen students work on some of the projects that she’s assigned.  The students are actually excited and interested in what they are learning!

~T. Serio, Middle School Science Teacher

When our school was in need of a First Lego League Robotics (FLL) coach, she gladly took up the challenge.  She has initiative and drive and gets things done.  She researched websites and videos to help students understand some of the challenges the robots needed to do.  She guided the students along, helping the students to get their vision, and then stepped back, letting the students explore and discover on their own, nudging them when they seemed to lose focus.

~F. Blais, Middle School Math Teacher

Mrs. Hoover constantly seeks feedback from teachers regarding their needs and offers professional development to assist them.

~M. Cala, Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Hoover always works to integrate content learning into her technology lessons and uses a rigorous curriculum, beginning instruction in key topics such as proficient typing, Microsoft Office, Internet safety, and determining reliable sources at a young age.

~M. Bruckner, 4th Grade Teacher

Mrs. Hoover is knowledgeable of recent trends in technology and media usage; this allows her to help educate students on proper internet and social media usage.  Her knowledge also allows her to convey this information in language that students (and teachers) will understand.

~E. Lynch, Middle School Language Arts

In the time she has served on the faculty, Mrs. Hoover has become an invaluable member of the school community; her talents and skills will continue to be an asset for us.

T. Ruvolo, Assistant Principal


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